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MARKETING FC is a collective group of proven contract professionals. Save on your staff costs and time by leveraging our expertise and talent. We create compelling creative to drive results. Backend edits may also include SEO, UI design and development, using science to increase your ad reach, relevancy and ROI.
  • lenses for any scene.
  • stabilizers, drones, storytelling and editing.
  • creative solutions
  • logo and web dev
  • award-winning marketing
  • solutions and strategy
  • branding
  • backend edits

Partnerships entered into are selective and authentic so you'll get back professional results backed by passion. Above are just a few of the partners we've worked with in the past. We're keen to assist cool people, events, brands and start-ups, to create compelling content and drive results.
From photography to creative to marketing to management, we've got you covered!

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MKTGFC is your one-stop marketing shop. Leverage our creativity, insight and talent.
Proven Pros
Leverage the talent of proven professionals in the fields of design, development, photography and videography. Our team is captained by Steve Kojima, the marketing manager behind Canada's top destination race, and personal contributor to some of the nation's top tech, sport, real estate and tourism brands. In his role now, Kojima leds nearly 40 creative contractors and we're keen to partner with you.
MKTGFC specializes in capturing events, people, places, products, properties and real estate via photos and video. Per Destination BC's photo guidelines, we capture imagery with strong emotional pull through 'Signature' shots of big picture, awe-inspiring images. 'Experiences' and 'Moments' provide context and a deeper look at specific places and experiences. Let's help you capture intrigue and hit the highest marks on emotional impact.
Integrated creative design is available for print, web, video and outdoor ads, including logo and UI design, posters, promo cards, reports, sales kits, social media, display ads, billboards, bus and skytrain adverts, menus, merchandise and so much more. Proficient with Creative Cloud, we design for all mediums with a strategic focus. Please contact us to discuss further via email:
Designs are backed by research and sound marketing to position your brand for success. Utilizing data driven design, we create content that educates and entertains, and is shareable with value. You don't want to interrupt content users are engaged with, rather you wanna be that content people love. Let's think audience first to solve problems that increase both your engagement and sales. Email:
Management may include backend edits to increase your SEO, improve your CSS, create mailing lists, or newly define audience lists, so your marketing spend is streamlined and sophisticated. You may also outsource projects including event photography, street teams, social media management and influencer campaigns. In short, save on your staff costs and time by leveraging our expertise and talent. Let's team up.

Case Study

Vancouver's only Marathon event is now the largest Marathon race in Canada, driving an estimated $58M in Economic Impact annually. Advertising overall is highly targeted to affluent, active travellers who lead successful lives yet crave a connection to nature. Data-driven campaigns are targeted by geography, interests and actions to maximize CPM, CTR and Conversions. Sophisticated ad spends have resulted in record-breaking registration. BMO Vancouver Marathon further utilizes strong imagery to inspire, with copy that is concise and confident in its simplicity. From web design to digital ads to email campaigns, to print, merch, outdoor ads, social and imagery, we manage it all. MKTGFC and RUNVANĀ® marketing campaigns have proven ability to increase overall reach and impact, amplify the story, plus drive new record registrations. With events now selling out early, we have time to take on new clients. Interested in being part of the team?! Let's connect!

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